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Fashion Designer. Artist.



I'm Michal Stern, a BS.Des (Fashion) graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

I believe fashion is the ultimate and universal language to be spoken between people, expressing the unspoken desires and emotions.


My main fields of interest are fashion design and technology, which have been my genuine passions since I was a child.


Please see my projects below, expressing my vision.


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Fashion Illustrations

Made with AI, PS and by hand

מכנסי אישה.PNG

Production 3D modelling & Pattern Making

By hand and Optitex

Michal Stern form follows function (10).

Form follows function

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use of same pattern for different outfits

Michal Stern Mens wear project 011.jpg

Men's wear

Inspired by the Israeli oriental metal music

FLAT A grirl with a pearl earring - Copy

Digital Illustrations & Paintings

Made with AI & PS

פרוייקט גמר - איורים טכניים copy - Copy-

Women's Wear

Inspired by Fight Club and the scars we carry.

Michal Stern Childrens wear project 012.

Children's wear

Inspired by the magical world of Hayao Miyazaki

Wearable tech Michal Stern (7).jpg

Wearable technology

Computerized wearable dress


Technical packs

Made with AI & Excel

a 3N7A2281 - Copy.jpg

Bags Design

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Knit wear

Hand knitting and crochet, machine knitting


Theater costume

use of same pattern for different outfits

Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations

Illustrations & Art

Digital Illustrations & Paintings

Technical Packs

Technical Packs

Production 3D modelling & Pattern making

Pattern Making