“Black over White” play by Ephraim Kishon was written in 1955, telling the story of two mices families living under the same roof: a white family, living upstairs and a grey family, living downstairs.


Both families agrees on the fact that the great cat living in the house is the god, but fails to agree on anything else - like the correct way to each a slice  of cheese.

The overall design was inspired by the German expressionism art movement, for it's relation with the play's main characteristics - light and dark, shadow and light and extreme feelings exposed with visual enhancement.


Tzadik Tzimuk, 55 years old, is the head of the white mices family. 

On the first act the charater is portrayed as well behaved and confident men while its family sees him as a failure due to it’s inability to feed them properly.
All mice appears as animals when going out of their lair, and as humans inside of it.

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